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13 Mar

Hey everyone, so recently I’ve been using this thing called FitBit.








It’s like a pedometer in that it counts your steps, but it also keeps track of distance traveled, calories burned, and the time. You also enter information online like your age, weight and height so that it can be more exact about calories. The online account also lets you see which part of your day you were the most active and what percent of the day was spent doing high, medium, low, and no activity.


Since I’m pretty active I like that it lets me see how much activity I really am doing. (Sometimes I think I’ve worked out a lot and my total steps for the day is still only around 5,000..and I’m like “WHAT?!”) An active day for me is about 15,000 to 20,000. But anyways, I really like the FitBit. It does so much stuff that I’m still discovering new things everyday. You can join groups to motivate you, track your wight, sleep, and diet, and so much more.  And the best part is I just clip it to my bra or inside my sports bra and no one ever even knows its there! (or you can wear it on you pants like a normal person.)

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