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New Shoez

2 Dec


I just got these this past weekend, and I like them a lot. These are Nike’s women Dual Fusion running shoes. I have to say that I think I liked my old Nike Lunarglide running shoes better though. Both shoes have a good amount of support, but the Lunarglides agitated my shin splints  less.

Running Tips

15 Oct

Here are some tricks I’ve uncovered over the past few years on how to get the most out of your running:

1. Find some good shoes- While you may think of your shoes merely as a fashion statement, they are really important to the health of your legs. Most runners, especially those who get lots of mileage, will need lots of heel support. Personally, I like a light shoe; however, this often becomes a problem when it comes to support. If you don’t get enough support from your shoe it is likely that you will get shin splints, a painful condition in the shin that results from lots of running on hard surfaces. (I’ve experienced this firsthand and it’s rough.)

2. Vary your workouts- It’s good to mix up your running routine. Maybe run five miles medium pace one day and 4 miles with an  increasing pace the next. If you keep running the same amount and pace everyday your body will become accustomed to it and you will have a hard time continuing to increase your cardiovascular endurance. Plus, running the same thing every day is boring, so mixing up your workout should motivate you more by giving you new scenery.

3. Make goals- Having something to work toward will push you when you run. Keep track of how fast and far you run and work to beat your times. I like to use the Nike+ app on my iPhone which is connected wirelessly to a little chip in my shoe. It keeps track of my pace at every part of my run, my distance, and my calories burned.

4. Listen to music- Sometimes it’s nice to be able to tune out that little voice in your head telling you to stop. Some great pump up music or just music that you really like can greatly improve your running performance.  Listening to music while you run will help you de-stress so that you’re not flexing, which will in turn give you more energy.

5. Take a friend- Many of my best runs have occurred with a friend by my side. If you can find someone around the same fitness level as you, having a buddy will help keep you going. If you have a friend, not only do you have someone to talk to, but you also have someone to motivate you if you start to slow down or slack off. This extra encouragement is a great asset to have while running, as self-motivation can only get you so far.

I hope these tips help 🙂 Have fun running.

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